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We are flying; the field is dry. The dandelions are gorgeous :-)
HG is an awesome gift.
Call 905 294 2536 or E info@flyhigh.com to book.
Happy Spring!

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Founder and Chief Flight Instructor

Often referred to as the "Bald Eagle" due more to his hair style rather than his flying ability. Michael has been flying hang gliders for over 30 years and has logged over 15,000 flights. He has flown almost everything that has wings. Michael teaches and flies tandems in Pickering and flies boat tow tandems in Muskoka during the summer months.

  • Senior Tandem Instructor Pickering
  • Master rated
  • Creator of RCR risk management charts
  • Holder of USHGA 4th Diamond Safety award
  • Flew from CN Tower for Diet Pepsi in 1988
  • Film work: "Fly Away Home" & "When Night is Falling",
  • various television including Outdoor Life Network.
  • 1972 World Flat Kite Champion
  • Invented the wheel (for Hang gliding)
  • Taught Otto Lillienthal how to fly.
  • Flew for Canadian Military (Harvard's?)

We are a full time, year round Hang Gliding School that has offered instruction, sales and service since 1970. Our flagship flight park is in North Pickering, about 30 minutes NE of Toronto, Canada. In the summer we also offer water gliding in Muskoka during the summer months. We are dedicated to sharing the joys and freedoms flying affords. The silent beauty, the breathtaking view and the indescribable feeling inspires us. This love of flight motivates us to teach.

If you would like to try hang gliding there are two options available to you. You can take a Tandem Discovery Flight with a certified instructor, which is the easiest option or/and you can take a Beginner Course and learn how to fly by yourself.

You are welcome to come out and watch or take a tour of our facilities, however we recommend calling first to check that we are flying. Our photo gallery is quite comprehensive and should give you a feel for our hospitality and professionalism.

Our Pickering flying site is located on Highway 7 about 2km west of Brock Road Pickering. It is approximately 35 minutes East/North - East of Toronto. Map to Locations Here

We have many and unique gift options available. We even now have special gift options for romantic occasions. Give something that they will remember forever. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us or drop us an email. We look forward to flying you and your friends.

- The High Perspective Team


I was raised in a small village in New Brunswick. As a young child i saw a model airplane at an auction. I had never even seen a real airplane. It inspired me to learn to fly. The dream never left me.

At the age of fifteen, while ice fishing on Lake Scugog with my father, i saw Hang Gliders for the first time high above. "Dad look!" I jumped in our old pickup truck and raced down the frozen lake seeking a wonderful new adventure.

After begging OBE (Old Bald Eagle) for a tandem flight with a promise to pay (later); we blasted of the back of a dodge ram truck modified as a hang glider payout-winch tow vehicle. I was hooked!

Years passed. That fifteen year old became twenty-something. I sought out OBE, paid for the tandem and signed up for a three day intensive course. That was 1995!

Over the years Michael Robertson (OBE) has taught me much about flying. I've learned how to thermal soar, cliff launch, boat tow, hydraulic winch tow, step tow and more.

I earned a Tandem Instructor Certification in '04 which has allowed me to share the joy of silent flight with many others. From step and aero towing in Ontario to cliff launching the Atlantic Coast in the Maritimes; Hang Gliding has fulfilled the dream.

Come fly! Soar like Eagles and Be Free!

Scott Newman 2010

Tandem Instructor with ten years of teaching and tandem experience.


'Rollie' came to us in June of 03 as a graduate of Algonquin College. He began working full time right away on an apprenticeship program. He flew his way up to his Instructor Rating in two seasons and Tandem in three.

James teaches Snow Boarding and Skiing in the off season at Big White in Kelowna BC. He's personable, knowledgeable and dedicated. James is an awesome instructor and an incredible pilot. He's logged well over a thousand flights.


Davey or 'Big Dave' as we called him when he first came to fly in '95, learned Paragliding and Hang Gliding. In those days we taught on hills, so there was allot of climbing (well, walking back up to launch) involved in learning. By '99 he was down to 190 from 250 lbs and had his Instructor's rating. We used to call him 'The Cat' because his control inputs were so quick and intuitive.

He has thousands of tandems now and lots of rave reviews on his teaching. Davey also runs Safaris in Latin America in the off season You can check them out at www.gohangglide.com

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