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We are flying; the field is dry. The dandelions are gorgeous :-)
HG is an awesome gift.
Call 905 294 2536 or E info@flyhigh.com to book.
Happy Spring!

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Tandem Discovery Flights allow you to experience the freedom of flight by the side of a certified professional. The feeling of freedom is fantastic. Surrounded by 30,000 empty acres, the view is breathtakingly beautiful. We can see Lake Ontario immediately and then Lake Scugog and sometimes even Lake Simcoe. It’s a dream come true…it’s awesome!

The glider is launched from a flat field on wheels - no running required. You and your pilot will be towed up with a hydraulic winch to about of 1300 feet where the tow line is released and you are both free to soar about the open sky. When it is time to land your instructor will bring you both in for a gentle landing on the wheels (or in the summer in Muskoka, on the pontoons).

This is an experience not to be missed and must be tried at least once in your life time. It is relaxing and secure, more like yoga than an extreme sport. Even people who are 'afraid of heights' love it. We have been providing bliss for 40 years...

Free your body and soul, come fly.

We have flown people who:

  • have had a desire to try something new
  • wondered what it was like to float through the air like a bird
  • are afraid of heights
  • are grandmothers
  • once quoted: "no way you'll ever catch me doing that."
  • arrived on site blindfolded as a surprise
  • are clinically depressed (less medication required when they fly)
  • play golf and find it exciting
  • simply want to relax
  • Always had dreams of flying

    and they all loved it!

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Frequently asked questions


Tandem Flights
Available year round weather permitting - group and family discounts are available. Please call for details or go to our FAQs.

$175.00 Weekends + HST
$160.00 Weekdays + HST

Boat Tow Tandems
Available July and August – weekdays only for regular bookings. Groups of 6 or more may book weekends away from busy resorts. Group and family discounts are available. Please call for details or view our FAQs.
$225.00 + HST

To fly with us, please fill out the information below. Please note that this is not a secure form. If you do not want to register by this format then please call us and we can register you over the phone.

Please note that due to the weight restrictions of our gliders, passengers must weigh 60-240 pounds. There is no age restriction but anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent.

Contact details:
First name: Last name:
Contact phone number: Time to call:
Email address:
Where are you from?:

Eg. Toronto, Brampton, Hamilton, etc.

Passenger particulars:

Your approximate weight: (pounds)
Number of people flying: including yourself.
Names of any additional passengers, their approximate weights and any special instructions or requests:

What day would you like to fly?

To help alleviate weekend congestion, there is sometimes a discount for tandem discovery flights flown during the week.

Please call us if you are wishing to fly within the next two days.

Please select a date :

What time of day would you prefer to fly?

Morning and evening air generally offers the smoothest and calmest air which is more ideal for those afraid of heights or who may be a little nervous.

Mid-day air is generally a little stronger and a little bumpy but there is a better chance of getting higher and staying up longer.

Either way, we are personally going to see that you get a wonderful flight.

Launch time for first flight:

Flight options

There are several options available for your tandem flight. Please specify those that you would like.

In-flight pictures
Deluxe flight upgrade
Regular flight: minimum altitude 1000 feet.
Deluxe flight: minimum 2000 feet - $50 extra.

Where would you like to fly?

  • Our Pickering site is close to Toronto for easy access.
  • Muskoka flying allows the experience of fly the beautiful north from our boat tow operation.
    Preferred location:

    How did you hear about us?

    Could you please take a moment to tell us how you
    found out about us?

    Have you flown with us before?

    If other:

    Payment options

    To reserve your space we will need a $25 deposit per person. This is a non-refundable deposit which will be deducted from the price of your flight.

    Pay with pay pal.
    I will mail you a check.
    Please call me for my credit card number (Visa, Master Card or       Amex).
    I will come by and pay in person.